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My name is Matt Trent and I am the CEO of Silver Arrow Technologies.  As an IT professional and entrepreneur, I have spent over twenty years working with and leading some amazing technology and business professionals.  I have been asked over the years to share insights with others about the best approach to find career opportunities that bring a sense of purpose and enjoyment to their lives.  

I am now offering a set of career services to help people move through the various phases of finding a new opportunity, whether that is in their current company or finding a new role in a different organization.  Whether you are planning to make a career change in 12 months or if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself needing a new job now, there is at least one service I offer that can help you immediately.


  • The approach used in developing these services is exactly what I have used and refined over the years to not only find opportunities for myself, but also stem from the hundreds of candidates I have interviewed over the years.


  • These career services are meant to be experienced in a short duration of time to help you move to the next phase of your career.  Each service phase will help you achieve the immediate objective but will also serve as a complimentary experience to other career services I provide.


  • Each service provided has a specific objective that will be met, as well as tangible deliverables (assessment results document, interview preparation materials, etc.) that can be used long after the service has been performed.





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Distinguish Yourself


“I very much recommend working with Matt and taking advantage of his coaching services. He has a variety of tools at his disposal to help a client better understand themselves and their tendencies which not only play a key role in their job search but also apply to other aspects of their professional and personal lives. ”

—  David Rice, Lead Architect

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