Episode 9 – Power BI And Excel Power Pivot Kansas City User Group With Micheal Reynolds

Matt Trent sits down with Kansas City business analysis professional, Micheal Reynolds, to talk about the newly formed Power BI and Excel Power Pivot User Group in Kansas City. This new user group was formed in January 2016 to help bring together professionals who leverage Power BI and Power Pivot in their technology roles.

For any questions about the user group, feel free to connect with Micheal on LinkedIn and be sure follow the Power BI group on Twitter for updates and upcoming events.

Episode 8 – Women In IT Security With Melissa Spicer and Nichole Windholz

Matt Trent sits down with Kansas City IT and security professionals, Nichole Windholz and Melissa Spicer, to talk about their backgrounds in information technology and security and discuss their new Women in Security – Kansas City user group. This new user group is just getting started and Nichole and Melissa share their passion for this new user group and tips for women who are either starting their career in technology or evolving their career.

For any questions about the user group or the podcast, definitely connect with Melissa and Nichole or check out the following resources:

Women in Security on Twitter: @WomenSecurityKC
Women in Security on LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8493969
Women in Security on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WiSKC/

Episode 7 – What Goes Into A Great Marketing Plan With Shelby Garlock

Matt Trent sits down with Kansas City Marketing Executive, Shelby Garlock, to discuss her background and experience in the marketing industry. Shelby shares her perspective on what goes into developing a marketing strategy and executing a marketing plan.

Follow Shelby on Twitter and be sure to check out our podcast archives on our Silver Arrow Technologies website and follow us on Twitter @satechsvcs

Episode 5 – There Is No Career Path – The Disappearance Of The Traditional Tech Career Path With Jennifer Lockyear

Matt Trent sits down with Kansas City IT professional, Jennifer Lockyear, to discuss the topic of the technology career path. While formally trained in Psychology, Jennifer has served in a broad range of technology roles over the course of her career. Jennifer shares her story of working from the ground-up as a help-desk engineer into business analysis and, eventually, leadership roles within various organizations.

Episode 3 – Evolution And Adaptation In Business And Technology With Heather Manis

Matt Trent sits down with Kansas City IT and business professional, Heather Manis, to talk about the changes and consumer expectations that are driving innovation and change within the technology industry. Heather and Matt also talk about the value, as an employee in the industry, of being adaptable to change and evolving skillsets and expectations to succeed.